My child, the dancer

IMG_5740 IMG_5741

A whopping three years old and she had her very first (four week, non-recital) dance class this afternoon. If it were possible to die from cute I think I would have. I snapped that picture on the left in the first few moments of class before the teacher closed the door. Thankfully there was a tiny little peephole for me to spy on her, but with all the girls in the same hair, leotard, tights, and shoes, I had a heck of a time telling who was dancing and who was sliding around on her belly. I think it was my kid doing the latter for a bit there. She apparently loved it though and is eager to return!


Hand spun and dyed

I spun up some wool on my drop spindle a few weeks ago and promptly set out to dye it.






I was aiming for a deep yellow and I ended up with road cone orange, but I didn’t really have a project in mind for this approximate 20 yards of hand spun yarn, so it’s not much of a loss. A fun experiment in spinning, plying, and dyeing though; I’ve got some beautiful deep blue and turquoise wool/silk/who-knows-what fiber on the spindle now that was gifted to me. I’m quite excited to see it plyed, but I don’t dare stop spinning until it’s all spun up!