Norwegian Totoro knit mittens

Norwegian Totoro mittens are complete! They’re my first charted colorwork project that I’ve actually finished and I am really pleased with how they turned out. I’m daydreaming of some Norwegian slippers now…

Ravelry project page link

IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2678


Try Something New Every Month: A crafty challenge

So, I really like the idea of “Try Something New Every Month” for 2015 from Stephanie from Swoodson Says. I’m not sure if I’ll be included in her blog roundup for this idea or not, but it inspired me to scrounge up a list of ideas of crafts and techniques I’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t managed to get around to.


It was difficult at first to think up ideas that a) I haven’t tried before…or at least not tried with actual instructions since I tend to just half-ass things a lot, and b) wouldn’t cost me a fortune to attempt. Because sure, I’d love to try out weaving on a multi-shaft loom, or wood burning, or glass etching, but I do not own any of those supplies, and I don’t want to go broke in my attempt at this idea. I also don’t have much space for even MORE craft supplies, so I tried to stick within the realm of what I already do.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (subject to edits as I think up more):

Paper piecing



Honeycomb stitch
Provisional cast-on
Double knitting
Latvian braid

Satin stitch
Chain stitch

Polymer clay

Yes, I’ve tooled around with felting, embroidery, and clay projects, but see aforementioned half-assed-ness. I’d like to actually learn the techniques and not just have at a rushed version that I’ve made up out of my own head.

Just one thing a month…try one new thing each month.

Christmas recap

Things were a little more simplified this Christmas–one less gathering we opted out of–and I think it helped to have a slightly more relaxing time. We tried a special Christmas morning breakfast (for the first time ever) and I think we made ourselves a new family tradition! We were debating between a cinnamon roll casserole bake and this blueberry croissant puff, and Lily was the deciding vote. She chose blueberries…so glad she did! She also chose fresh squeezed orange juice from the grocery store 🙂

Gifts in the morning were simple (after indulging at my parents’ on Christmas Eve…they spoil us!). We followed it up with two more family gatherings, and of course crashed hard that night. These days following have been spent playing with our respective toys.

IMG_2578 IMG_2582