Try Something New Every Month: Free-motion quilting

And so it began…IMG_4718

On a whim, just before Christmas, I set out to my local quilt shop and decided I was going to DO THIS. There were a lot of options of feet to buy, ranging from this $17 one to a fancier $55 option, so I opted for the entry level price for my entry level skills.

Oddly, this first experiment was probably the best one for my first evening…


Quickly it all went to hell with tension/speed/OMGWHATAMIDOING…


“Eyelashing” sounds so cute…not when you’re free-motion quilting though…


Yeah, still wonky. COME ON.


I sped up my machine speed a bunch and started using my pedal so I could start/stop as needed since using the on/off button isn’t in my muscle memory yet…


And since that was a “success” I got the idea that I could trace a spiral. LOL NOPE.


Here’s the first night’s stack of discarded attempts…


I put my normal foot back on my machine and called it quits for a few days.

I also went to the library and stocked up on the following titles:

Then I set out to try again, this time with something I would have otherwise never touched again–my May TSNEM first attempt at foundation paper piecing…funny purple hedgehog!


This went moderately better than previous attempts. And gave me some courage to try out free-motion quilting on a bigger project…my Under the Stars camping quilt!

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.42.58 AM

One problem though: everything went south pretty quickly while attempt free motion quilting today. 

Eyelashing like woah…

I don’t even know. Ugh. 


The sad best results from today…

So, no. I am not touching my beautiful quilt top with free-motion quilting. Not without a LOT more practice anyway.