Our little house in the suburbs

We recently finished a few home repairs (new windows, wall paint, kitchen backsplash) and I’ve been collecting a few new furniture pieces here and there over the past year. I feel like this place is finally leaning toward “purposeful decorating” instead of accidental “here’s whatever was cheapest at the time.” Thanks to this year’s tax return we funded the last of it and I’m so happy with how our home feels now!

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The home renovations have begun

We got a backsplash installed, as well as new windows (which are almost complete). That was this past week, and today we tore out the nastiness-accumulating shower door and replaced it with a rod and curtain, as well as a new corner caddy organizer thingy and some extra towel hooks. We’re going to paint soon (once the windows are 100% complete) and we have some a braided rug and new light-blocking curtains to be delivered tomorrow. Then we have to find a suitable new bedroom set (or just a dresser and nightstand, I’m not picky). And we’re pretty much done! Hooray!

Behold: Backsplash! Wrinkly white shower curtain hiding ugly tile!

Patchwork duvet

Done! This took way too long from conceptualization to completion, but it’s done, it’s done, it’s finally done!