Busy, sick, back on track

I haven’t forgotten about you, little blog. Life took off, I landed in the hospital for eight nights, and things are finally starting to feel normal again around here after that. Surrogacy’s out as an option right now–heck, pregnancy as a whole is.  I’m good other than worrying it’ll all happen again.

I’ve got a new big project coming up–tiny living, camping style, and I’ll be sure to document that adventure as it unfolds. I’m feeling the itch to create again, so it seems like that will be on the upswing while cooking and baking and preserving are low priority for no good reason other than my whims. We’ll see where the rest of summer takes us…Hopefully with some more rain and less 90+ degree days!


Two minutes is better than nothing…?

I’ve been feeling guilty about not continuing on the exercise front straight away, but I’ve also been feeling crunched for time. I just blasted this out as fast as possible, alternating between aerobic and strength…

20 jumping jacks
10 push ups
20 jumping jacks
20 bicycle crunches
20 knee lifts
20 jumping jacks
10 push ups

A new year

I’ve never much cared for the New Year holiday. I don’t see it as anything incredibly significant, just another minute passing to another day that so happens to be in another month to another year. It is a good time to be reminded of the past 12 months though and reflect, and look forward on what’s to come. And of course it comes with inspiration to make ourselves better in one way or another, but resolutions fail so much that I hate to call them that.

This year I’m looking forward to watching Lily turn more into a kid and be less of a toddler. I can already see the transformation beginning.

I’m also eager to start tackling our long list of home improvements to make this house more enjoyable to live in. I like our house–I really do–but there are just a few things that need to be added or changed up and it will just be that much better.

We’re also switching up how we eat. We’ve fallen into some routines that are good recently and some that aren’t. I’m excited to get rid of the bad food habits. We’ve already enrolled in a weekly produce co-op (sharing the box with a friend) and I’ve found sources for pork, chicken, and eggs; cheese; and milk–all local, all humane, all awesome. Now I just need to actually buy the food, y’know, and keep eating it.

And physical laziness…I want to remedy that, obviously, and I want to take baby steps otherwise I know I’ll fall flat way too quickly. Slow and steady and hopefully some new habits will be formed.

We grew a lot in 2011–literally and figuratively–in about every sense of the word. Here’s to 2012!

Operation: Stop Being Lazy, Step 1

I’ve been feeling like a lazy turd lately and in an effort to not feel like a lazy turd I’ve been pinning random fitness related webpages on Pinterest. Yeah, that doesn’t make me healthier. I know. But tonight Art and I did something, which is better than nothing, and I hope we keep it up. Art’s routine differed a bit for his strengths (and weakness, he tweaked his back the other day), but we essentially did the following:

-25 jumping jacks x 3
-10 push ups x 2
-20 sit ups x 2
-10 alternating lunges x 2
-10 bicycle sit ups x 2
-10 second plank on each side
-15 squats x 2
-25 jumping jacks

This was a modified little version of something I happened across on Pinterest, and if we keep doing something I think I’ll keep adding to these essential basics.