Homeschooling, fall 2017, age 8.5


She continues to read for enjoyment and with ease. Her co-op class utilizes Jr. Great Books, and while she’s grouped with the lower elementary kids once again, I think it is great practice for that sort of reading/comprehension/analysis/discussion type of work.


Reading and spelling are closely related, and I can tell that she just *sees* words. She often misspells but has all the correct letters, just the wrong order. I don’t see the need for a formal spelling curriculum as her ability is at or above average for her age.



The writing class at the co-op has weekly homework assignments–creative writing where anything goes, and formal writing utilizing an outline and constructing a paragraph. The classwork includes topics like metaphors and alliteration and idioms, and they share their writing with their small groups and get feedback.



I’ve been continuing to simply use Prodigy Math, an online game that I know a lot of families use as a supplement. But I’m comfortable using it exclusively for now since she likes it and doesn’t cry or complain (which I’ve received as a response to other maths).

She has worked through multiplication and has maybe half of her facts memorized, and can skip count or manipulate the numbers mentally to figure out the rest. I’m hoping memorization will come with practice organically. She’s been working through fractions, geometry, converting metric units, and it even threw some scatter plots at her recently which was fun.

We also continue to play math games such as Math Dice Jr., Balance Beans, Clumsy Thief, 4-Way Count Down, and Mobi Max.



We’ve been dabbling in Real Science Odyssey’s Chemistry, but it’s been a busy summer and we’ve yet to fall into a good routine with it this fall. She has lots of natural science in her life though! She continues attending nature class with our homeschool group, as well as participating in the local nature center’s Jr. Naturalist program.



An art class is also included in our weekly co-op at the library, and the classes vary from painting to drawing to repurposing recyclables. She also enjoys crafting a lot of miniatures for her dolls for play, as well as drawing along with the Art Hub for Kids YouTube videos.



She still has Story of the World Volume 1 and 2 (ancient times through middle ages) on her little iPod and listens to them randomly. She has also started covering more geography and social studies at GLC.



Lily continues to play violin and is working on the first bits of the second Suzuki book. She’ll also be joining a Chicago Children’s Choir this school year!


Physical Education

Musical and physical–ballet class! 3rd grade seems to mean really ramped up practice at ballet, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much she learns this year. She also takes gymnastics classes through the park district. On top of that she loves to go wall climbing at the indoor gym as a family. It’s been a great hobby for all of us!



Another year of Girl Scouts! She just began her second year of being a Brownie and really enjoys the monthly meetings and field trips her the local girls.