I started basting hexagons a few months ago because 1) they’re adorable, 2) they’re addictive, and 3) they’re very satisfying to make and take with as a small traveling-bag project. I ran into a problem though when I found out I don’t really enjoy joining them. I think this largely has to do with the lack of a thimble in my life.

But we went on a road trip this week, a cumulative 600 miles roundtrip, and that meant a lot of hours in the car with bored hands. So I bucked up and stitch-stitch-stitchedĀ as the miles went on…

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.16.13 AM

And hey! Suddenly it was big enough to do something with. So we arrived home and I quickly put all of my travel things away and sat down and finished off a cute little zipper pouch.IMG_7868IMG_7870

Of course it’s lined with adorable hexagon fabric šŸ™‚



Try Something New Every Month: Foundation paper piecing for May!

Foundation paper piecing…omg. This has by far been my most challenging TSNEM project. I watched approximately one million videos, looked through about a million more patterns, and just could absolutely not wrap my head around how to do it. With much cajoling from Rebecca at Hugs Are Fun, and the advice of “you just have to do it,” I finally did.


The final video I watch was this one that for whatever reason gave me enough of an inkling of confidence that I did just jump in and do it.



There was a lot of blind faith here that I was going to continue from this blob of random bits of fabric into an actual thing.



And then all of a sudden a nose appeared!



Things that also appeared: loads of scraps and my seam ripper. I had a lot of seam ripping moments with this project.



But then a face! A not-totally-perfect face, but still, recognizably animal-like!



And then after a shift at work and delaying my kid’s bed time because OMGMOMISBUSYRIGHTNOW an entire hedgehog began to appear!






I still have no idea what he is destined to become, but I am so proud to have figured out this bit of not-perfectly-excecuted foundation paper piecing. Hooray! There’s a whole world of ridiculously cute FPP patterns now that await me! Like all of these from BubbleStitch on Etsy





I foresee much FPP in my future!

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