My kid is cute.


She also likes apples.


I’m experimenting with my backdrop (that’s made from PVC pipe and some yardage of black fabric). I need more PVC to make it sturdier before taking it around other peoples’ kids, and I also want some white fabric since my brown-haired daughter tends to get lost in the dark background, especially when I’m only using available light.



10 days post-illness and I feel like a normal member of society again. It actually took a while to get used to being in public and conversing with humans after such a long hiatus from the plague.

Lily’s 2nd birthday is fast approaching and I’ve prepared by sewing her a Ponyo doll…


…and taking photos of her…


And because I’m probably crazy I’m having a go at the photography thing in a slightly more professional setting. We’ll see what comes of it!


Getting sick and healing a tattoo are two very not good things to combine. I managed to take a nice hot bath with my leg propped out of the water, but I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. The fever that Lily had overnight on Tuesday hit me Friday afternoon and has been striking on and off since. No digestive output like poor Lily who has had at least one gross diaper every day since Tuesday, but I’ve got the gurgly threats of the same. I’m thankful this struck on the weekend so Art can take care of me starting with when he found me shivering under the blankets in bed next to a napping Lily Friday evening and kindly brought me ibuprofen and water. I am so completely done with this. I better wake up feeling better tomorrow.


365 - 040

My brain still hasn’t recovered from the little sleep I got in anticipation, the few calories I consumed for my lack of planning, and the 4 hours of needle-jabbing I experienced this afternoon πŸ˜› But I will say that Hannah Aitchison at Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago is one fine artist! And Art is a saint for hanging out with Lily all afternoon (even handling nap time successfully)!

Off to elevate the ol’ wrapped-up leg some more and enjoy my ibuprofen…

Yarn, food coloring, and a crock pot

I’m in the process of trading my knowledge of magic-loop knitting for some really fine 2-ply wool or alpaca yarn. There’s 150 grams of it, it’s on a cone, and it’s clearly mislabeled, so I honestly have no idea what I’m working with.

So, I decided I might as well dye it! Here’s my process and results…

I had to first wind the yarn from the cone into a hank that I could work with. Then I put the yarn in my crock pot with just enough 50/50 water and vinegar to barely cover it. Then I turned it on high.

After 30 minutes of heating up I added my “dye” (two 1/2 cups of water–one with 10 drops of green and 10 drops of blue, and the other with 12 drops of red and 8 drops of blue).

365 - 038

I carefully poured each cup onto half of the yarn in the pot, then I popped the cover back on and let it ride out until bed time, which was barely an hour. The water was already clear though, meaning the color had sucked into the fiber, so I wasn’t too worried. After a very careful and thorough rinse I dried it by pressing it between two junk towels (unnecessary, it didn’t bleed any color at all) and then I hung it to dry!

Here it is wound into a cake this morning…

365 - 039

Looking back I would make sure to arrange the hank more carefully in the crock pot so that all of the yarn was spread evenly in order to allow the dye to get to all the nooks and crannies. I don’t mind the white bits though in this round–adds character!

I’m happy I have a ton more yarn left on the cone, and I’m also happy that this method of dying is SO easy! I’ve already had another go at some random Fisherman’s Wool I had lying around, and the color turned out even more vivid (I used more water and more food coloring, plus I let it soak for longer while heated). Pictures of that yarn to come soon!

I cannot imagine parenting without B(.)(.)BS

Sorry for the B(.)(.)BS up there, but it makes me chuckle. Also, I’m new at this idea of carnival posting, so sorry for the technical errors to my current followers! I’ve decided to have a go at Code Name: Mama’s Carnival of Natural Parenting, and the prompt is “I cannot imagine parenting without _______.”

I would have never, ever imagined, prior to actually being a parent, that this would be my answer to the prompted question. My pre-parent self probably would have said something like “a good car seat” (I do love my Radian) or “my husband who is so helpful” (and he is and I love him to bits), but breastfeeding has forever changed me.

Growing up, I knew I’d breastfeed, much like so many people know how many kids they want when they grow up (a number that still eludes me). My ideas were different then though. I don’t know where my teenage brain came up with the 6 month figure, but it did, and prior to actually considering parenthood that was the magical number that I just *knew* I’d nurse. El. Oh. El.

I’m not sure what I thought happened at 6 months–if babies magically existed on rainbows and unicorn farts or what, but I look back and chuckle at my conviction to do something without having a clue what I was talking about.

Once baby fever struck and we weren’t quite ready to reproduce, I invested a ton of energy into reading about parenting. This is when I learned that “you should breastfeed exclusively up to 6 months, then your baby will eat solids, and you should continue nursing until 1 year.” Of course this became my new mantra on the subject.

Then Lily was born. And at nearly 2 she still nurses not just for thirst, comfort, and sleep, but for nutrition. Real honest to goodness nutrition. Because otherwise I’d swear she really was existing on rainbows and unicorn farts; she has one of those food-is-for-suckers toddler appetites.

Breastfeeding has forever changed me.

In fact, I am now–as of last week–an accredited volunteer with an international non-profit breastfeeding organization where I will lead local meetings and answer phone calls from nursing mothers. (I’m not so sure about coming out with that information, less it becomes something that defines me in my internet presence, hence the not-so-vague-ness there.)

Nursing puts Lily to sleep for naps and overnight. It keeps her asleep when she stirs during naps and overnight. It comforts her when she’s hurt or scared. It satisfies both thirst and hunger when suitable drinks or snacks aren’t around. It’s a running joke in our family to “nom” on her “baby nursh” while she giggles uncontrollably at the irony and the tickles.

It has become a passion of mine to correct misinformation and support mothers seeking help. I’ve even found an area group to volunteer additional time with that organizes conferences and dinners for medical professionals to better their knowledge about breastfeeding by bringing in experts from all over the country.

I went through my teenage years bemoaning my too-small breasts. I complained my way through pregnancy about my aching breasts. And now I sing their praises–for their ability to save my sanity, save the day, save the world!


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