I figured out why

(This post was imported from my last blog, as was everything prior to December 2012…)

I know why I’ve been shying away from updating here. It’s because I’ve been shying away from anything even moderately related to “homesteading.” Our vegetable garden went largely neglected this season (between illness and drought we just stopped caring). We’re limping through cooking up our final shares of CSA veggies. I didn’t preserve/can a darn thing. Sewing projects have decreased to barely more than what I get paid to do. Knitting projects have pretty much ceased production. We seem to have hunkered down into survival mode when it comes to food and projects–exerting the bare minimum amount of energy possible.

That’s not to say we’re in a bad place emotionally by any stretch, actually quite the opposite. We still love camping! And hiking! And bike riding! With camping though even there we sold the teardrop trailer and upgraded a bit in size to our half-of-a-pop-up camper. This blog’s theme doesn’t exactly fit in with our life’s theme right now, but I’m sure the pendulum will swing back toward self sufficiency eventually. For now I’m going to just keep enjoying life without the guilt of not fulfilling some imaginary quota of homesteading ideals.