I made a freaking adorable corduroy jumper

And my kid is turning 3, so I took some photos 🙂 She wanted to wear this even though it’s her birthday outfit and that’s still a few weeks off, and I had the backdrop set up anyway, so it all worked out…


Lily's toys in action

I never imagined I would be so content to just sit and watch her play.

A tour of Lily's things

Only because I picked up around here and they’re looking halfway presentable.

Her “bed” room, in which the bed has been used all of two times, but she does play with her toys…



Music basket…






And table…


And aside from puzzles and books, which are stored in a hutch drawer and bookcase, respectively, that’s the extent of our toddler infiltration. Sometimes it feels like a lot, sometimes it feels like a little.

I like my Holga!

Art got it for me for Christmas and I just go my first roll back from processing…


Angry eyebrows

Lily has been making sure I’m very aware of my emotions. The latest question throughout our day is “why are you angry?” And when I ask “why do you ask that?” she responds with “you have angry eyebrows.” How often am I furrowing my brow unnecessarily? I’ve always said I’d rather get smiling face wrinkles before I get frowning ones. I guess Lily is going to help with reminding me of that goal.


Simple hanging kitchen towel, a knitting pattern

Materials: Cotton yarn (such as Sugar’n Cream), appropriate gauge needles (I used size 6), stitch marker, button (optional)

I have knobs on my kitchen cabinets, so I made the button hole with the intention of slipping it over the knobs. You could also make the top portion longer (double rows 6 – 11) and attach an actual button for closure if your kitchen cabinets have handles instead.

Top Portion

Cast on 7

Rows 1-3: K across

Row 4: K2, BO 3 for button hole, K2

Row 5: K2, CO 3 to close button hole, K2

Rows 6 – 11: K across

Row 12 (front side): K3, place marker, inc, K1, inc, K3

Row 13 (back side): K3, P3, K3

Row 14: K3, slip marker, K1, inc, K1, inc, K1, K3

Row 15: K3, P5, K3

Row 16: K3, K to marker, slip marker, inc, K1, inc, K to edging, K3

Row 17: K3, P to edging, K3

Repeat rows 16 and 17 until there are 27 stitches total on the needles ending on even row (front side)

Bottom Moss Stitch

Row 1 (back side): K across

Row 2: K across

Row 3: K across

Row 4: KFB across (54 stitches)

Row 5: P1, K1 across

Row 6: K1, P1 across

Repeat rows 5 and 6 until moss stitch portion measures around 10″ in length, or until your run out of yarn 🙂

Bind off