Norwegian Totoro knit mittens

Norwegian Totoro mittens are complete! They’re my first charted colorwork project that I’ve actually finished and I am really pleased with how they turned out. I’m daydreaming of some Norwegian slippers now…

Ravelry project page link

IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2678


Christmas recap

Things were a little more simplified this Christmas–one less gathering we opted out of–and I think it helped to have a slightly more relaxing time. We tried a special Christmas morning breakfast (for the first time ever) and I think we made ourselves a new family tradition! We were debating between a cinnamon roll casserole bake and this blueberry croissant puff, and Lily was the deciding vote. She chose blueberries…so glad she did! She also chose fresh squeezed orange juice from the grocery store 🙂

Gifts in the morning were simple (after indulging at my parents’ on Christmas Eve…they spoil us!). We followed it up with two more family gatherings, and of course crashed hard that night. These days following have been spent playing with our respective toys.

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Doll triple bunk bed

The 18″ American Girl dolls are multiplying here, between mine from childhood, my cousin’s from childhood, and an upcoming gift idea, so a doll bunk bed was in order since the doll double bed just wasn’t cutting it any more. I sketched out a general idea, had Home Depot make half of the cuts, and cut the rest by hand at home. Overall, I’m pleased. It works, at least, and kiddo is happy!

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I’m happy

Maybe not with every little detail in every corner of my world, but I’m happy. Actually happy. I don’t know how long I’ve unquestionably felt this way or if things will turn and there will be a grey period someday, but right now I’m happy.

I love my little family, and I love my little home, and I love my little life.

I’m happy.