I love to-do lists

I’m not sure if my love for to-do lists is being transferred to my daughter or not, but they sure do keep me on task and make me feel accomplished when I get to cross off the completed items.

I keep a Google Tasks to-do list (several, actually) on-going with long term and short term items to take care of. And I’ve found that when I have a lot planned for our day it does us best to write it all on our wipe board out so nothing gets forgotten about.

Some of the things on the checklist in the photo are pretty standard for our days, but occasionally they need a little gentle reminding (i.e. not me nagging)…drink water, practice violin, do a chapter of math. Other things we’ve been meaning to do but they keep getting pushed back…read another chapter of Harry Potter together, take a bath (I know, ew, LOL), pick projects for the Junior Naturalist program. And then there were all the things that were just relevant and needed to get done today and I didn’t want to forget because there were so many little things.

A bath is planned, the weather is a little too warm to want to be out tonight so a family board game is in order…and we’ll see if we get around to reading another chapter of Harry Potter or not. We like the book, don’t get me wrong, but it just hasn’t sucked us in like some others have.

There was plenty of time for her to read (a lot), play with toys (a lot), run to Target, go to the library, I sewed a little bit, dinner’s going in the crock pot…I’m calling today a success!

Oh, and Lily’s blog was sparked by her request for a “Laura Ingalls prairie photo shoot” in an overgrown field near my parents’ house. She then told me she wants to write a blog using the photos. We’ll see how far her project goes: https://lilysblog38.wordpress.com

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