A Monday in May

Had a rather feel-good day…plenty to do and accomplished a balanced amount of homeschooling (something I’ve been striving to do). I always wish I could look back on more glimpses of “a day in the life” for what our days looked like at any given time, so here was today, a Monday in May.

8:00am – Out of bed, me drinking coffee, Lily eats cereal and reads a book from the Mallory series by Laurie Friedman, one of her most recent favorite finds at the library.

9:00am – Reading together and “school work”…We read Your Fantastic Elastic Brain; What Do You Do With An Idea; and Billions of Years, Amazing Changes (a book about evolution). We wrote her writing assignments together for tomorrow’s homeschool co-op classes (formal paragraph from a 5-finger outline, and creative writing where she’s doing some Little House on the Prairie fanfic). She dictates, I write…her hand doesn’t keep up with her brain and I’m aiming to separate “writing” from “handwriting” to ease frustration and increase creativity. We worked on math (Math in Focus 2A, chapter 4 on bar models with addition within 1,000).

10:00am – Lily plays with Play-Doh, I go take a shower. She moves onto playing with dominoes which then quickly become building blocks with cars added in.

11:30am – We meet her violin teacher for a sushi lunch date (teacher is my cousin’s wife), and head to her house afterward for Lily’s violin lesson.

1:30pm – Lily rides her bike up and down the block while I open all the windows in the house and sew a quick project. She joins me in sewing and sews a mini quilt for her dolls.

2:30pm – We try a guided mediation on Youtube…something I’ve been meaning to try but have never carved out the time to do with her. She thought it was pretty boring 😉

3:00pm – We walk to the Girl Scout troop meeting at the neighborhood grade school.

5:00pm – Dinner

5:30pm – Walk to the park

7:30pm -Time for family board games! We’ve recently picked up a ton and now enjoy Hive, Quirkle, and so many more. We played Roll For It and Mobi Max tonight.

8:30pm – Bed time…we read a chapter from The Shores of Silver Lake and then it’s lights out until tomorrow.


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