Schoolhouse Tunic

I was asked to make a shop sample of this pattern (for my new job at a sewing shop, Quilter’s Destination). Goodness, was I nervous setting out to make something exactly as a pattern calls for! That is typically not how I sew at all.

Thankfully, the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated is a great, very well-written pattern. It took me about 4-5 hours start to finish on the first version, and a bit less once I knew what I was doing for my second go-round.

The shop owner had this particular line of fabrics in mind, so I chose my favorite of the lot, and went to town. The fabric, Regent Street Lawns by Sentimental Studios for Moda, is a cotton lawn, so it has a really nice drape to it, and it’s very smooth–like high quality bed sheets 🙂


For my own personal version that doesn’t have to live in the shop for any time, I chose Carolyn Friedlander’s Carkai after seeing this sleeveless tunic out there in the blog-world from the same fabric. This time I shortened the sleeves (I think they still need to be about an inch shorter) and also added front pockets, which helps add some needed weight in the front to keep it laying flat (and avoid a pretend pregnant-pooch).


I really like this pattern and I plan on making more! Maybe even short sleeves for some summer dresses would be nice…the possibilities are endless if you get a little creative!

If you’re local to the Chicagoland area and are interested, I plan on teaching a class on sewing this tunic at Quilter’s Destination in the coming months. I’m very excited for that as well!

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