Try Something New Every Month: Adventures with a mitre saw! 

Since moving into the new house I’ve been tackling all these great little projects that I can now do with the freedom of owning a single family home. So of course I put up a bird feeder! But silly me didn’t think that there are approximately 3891243712839 types of bird feeders, and just one wasn’t going to be enough. So I set out to build a platform feeder with our shiny new mitre saw!

I certainly love power tools, and I’m so happy to be collecting, quite literally, the right tools for the jobs. When I needed angled cuts before I used to hit the belt sander until I got what I needed, hahaha.

So for this bird feeder I just cut four 14″ lengths with 45-degree angles on both ends.

And these handy dandy right-angle clamps were awesome to work with when screwing it all together.

I drilled pilot holes, but the wood still split a little. Because pine. But it was still structurally sound and the birds wouldn’t mind it cosmetically, so I kept going with it as-is.

After it was all together I took some screen and cut it to size.

And then I stapled it all around, pulling opposite sides tight and then working my way around.

Home Depot sells chain by the foot, so I bought four 1-foot cuts and attached them to these screw eyelets and popped ’em in each corner.

And then an S-hook holds it all together!


The Wildbird Shack is a new bird feed store one town over that has all high quality bird food (no hulls, all nuts and seeds that are good for the wild birds). The staff has been super helpful in assisting me with picking out what kind of feeders I want and what blends of food to use.


And so far, so good! I’ve witnessed a cardinal come by twice so far, and I’m hoping some species other than sparrows decide to come around, too. Though I sure can appreciate the sparrows, they are so funny to watch as they hunt flying bugs.

My sewing machine is in that window under the awning. I love sitting at my desk!


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