Saturday caterpillar update

So today our big caterpillar hadn’t eaten since…the night prior. I was freaking out that this was it, he was surely dying, and when he started doing this weird heaving/twitching thing I thought that surely we were witnessing his final moments. He did this long enough for me to panic and send messages to my monarch mentors, and then he promptly started properly molting and I was relieved.

Link to time lapse short video of him molting:


He was VERY still after that and didn’t eat for another few hours, which had me worried, too. But then he started munch, munch, munching, and I relaxed again.

Link to time lapse video of him eating a fresh milkweed leaf:


And since I was taking videos, here’s a like to a time lapse video of one of the little guys:


Head count as of 7/25 PM:

1 tiny caterpillar hatched yesterday
2 tiny caterpillars hatched today
1 small caterpillar, likely getting ready to molt (just hanging out on the side of the cup)
1 large caterpillar, just molted






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