Try Something New Every Month: Drunkards path quilt blocks, sewing curves

I’ve never sewn a curved seam that lies flat like this drunkards path quilt block before, and much like my TSNEM paper piecing project it involved a lot of me staring at it until I finally just dove in and tried it.

I printed this template (sized up like 120% on my printer so it was a little bigger to work with) and cut out some pieces late one night…

Then I cut out the rest in the morning and set out to work…

Thanks to this YouTube video by Donna Poster I was able to get a grip on what exactly I was doing. Knowing that the circular inside piece was supposed to be longer than the outside piece helped my brain a lot. It was also hugely helpful knowing that the first and last little bit at the beginning and end of the curve was the only non-bias parts to be sewn straight, and then the rest could be pulled and stretched to work together.

A bit wonky, but not a terrible first block…

They started whipping up relatively fast…

And eventually I had this diagonal little diddy…

This is for a swap though, and I haven’t quite finished the rest of the idea in my head yet, so that’s all for now without revealing too much 🙂

P.S. I love my sewing view. Seriously.

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