Try Something New Every Month: some embroidery for April!

So, I’ve embroidered before in my life, sure, but I pretty much just hacked at any kind of satin stitch or backstitch with no real regard to actual embroidery patterns or techniques. For THIS project I was determined to actually do it nicely.

To start, I bought a pack of Aunt Martha’s Hot Iron Embroidery Transfers pretty much just for this bird design because I love it so much. I mean COME ON; it’s adorable!


And okay, I love it, but I don’t know about putting it on a shirt 🙂


The instructions for the transfer process are pretty straight forward. Iron your fabric, put your design face-down, iron again. It transferred quite quickly and was easy.



Then came the fun of picking out colors. I don’t have a super extensive collection of embroidery thread, but I certainly had enough to make this pretty!


Then I referenced Sublime Stitching’s tutorials to get started…mostly to make sure I was in fact doing the backstitch properly, and eventually to do a real honest-to-goodness french knot!



I worked and worked and finally late one night it was done! In all its wrinkly badly-lit glory!


The whole time I was working on it I was *pretty* sure it would become a pillow, and a trip through my fabric stash determine yes, yes it would. This was also my first time doing anything log-cabin-y for fabric piecing.


And ta-da! A new overly pretty pillow for our sofa.

IMG_7050 IMG_7052

We better hurry up and buy a house that has a sewing room for me so all of this overly-pretty stuff can live somewhere 🙂

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