Try Something New Every Month: Calligraphy for March

The tl;dr version of my attempt at calligraphy: step 1) assemble supplies, including lots of coffee, step 2) open jar of ink and stain your fingers, step 3) actually think that Pinterest will help you, step 4) just write in the rudimentary cursive you remember from elementary school, and step 5) still enjoy the results 🙂

Okay, for real though, I started by buying whatever Amazon suggested for me when I typed in “calligraphy,” which included Speedball brand ink and a pen with a variety assortment of nibs. I got all my supplies laid out with paper, paper towel, and coffee.




The first thing I did was open the jar and promptly manage to stain my fingers. This stuff isn’t washable, folks. Beware. Then I stuck some nib in the pen. I couldn’t tell you which one, I just picked the one I liked the look of.



Then I dipped the nib into the ink, put the ink on the paper, and made a giant blob. And then I tried to remember how to write in cursive.


Oh hey, FYI, don’t use construction paper like I did. The texture is too rough and the nib likes to catch and then splatter…which, while rather dramatic, isn’t the desired effect for the writing or for your work surface or clothes or the wall.


With some more practice I was able to write without splattering everywhere. Mostly.



Don’t steal my identity, k? I lack ideas for what to write when I’m just practicing. My cursive really could use a refresher course, and I want to find a real calligraphy alphabet to practice.




It was definitely a fun experiment and I could see using it for extra special handwritten things like cards and letters and the like. I’m not regretting the purchase of supplies at all, so that’s a good sign 🙂


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  1. Hi,
    In my search for “calligraphy”, I came across your posting. Recently, I had finished teaching my oldest cursive and wanted to take it to the next level and teach/learn calligraphy with her. I thought it would be a fun addition to our regular homeschooling. Thanks for the tip about the ink staining; something that I am glad I know beforehand to keep any messes from happening, lol. Anyways, thanks again and I hope you do not mind but I am going to share this on a secular group I am a part of 😉

    (Here is the link to the group incase you like to check it out and join in the chit chat )

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