Try Something New Every Month: February’s attempt at a knit Latvian braid

Technically I cast-on in January, but I have no intentions of completing until well into February, so this totally still counts for my TSNEM project 🙂

To start, I absolutely fell. in. love. with The Inga Hat on Ravelry. I was super eager to start, but every time I opened the PDF pattern I saw the “braid” that it started with and went…huh? I seriously opened and closed this pattern like 10 times over the course of a few days, and finally I watched and watch and watched this tutorial:


I made it through the first row…alright. I wasn’t totally sure I was doing it right, but I kept at it. Row two?


Nope. I do not throw my yarn, so this video left me SUPER confused. I went back to the pattern and just read through it approximately a million more times, crossed my fingers (or rather crossed my yarn, har har har), and had at it. And yay, it worked!


I have no practical advice for if you want to try a Latvian braid yourself, but I think the risk and effort was really worth it. What a cool new skill to add to my knitting repertoire! Also, I think the risk and effort is also worth it to try colorwork. This has been my latest knitting obsession after completing my Totoro mittens, and I love love love knitting up these beautiful patterns!





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  1. How cool! Your stuff is gorgeous, makes me wish I knew how to knit…maybe knitting will be my TSNEM project this month!

  2. Thanks for joining in again 🙂

  3. Woah, that’s really cool! I’ve never heard of it before! I feel like knitting and crochet have so many stitches I couldn’t possibly begin to learn them all!

  4. The braid looks really neat in the two contrasting colors. I’m sure the finished hat will look amazing!

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