My first swap partner!

I got the email! I got the email! I don’t think I was this excited on Christmas morning. I got the email yesterday with the info for my swap partner for the Studio Ghibli Swap (Instagram #studioghibliswap) and I spent all afternoon dutifully internet stalking her and mulling over ideas. I had a few solid likes of hers to go on, and a few preexisting thoughts rattling around my brain, and it all collided wonderfully and is turning out quite nice after a trip to the fabric store.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.12.03 PM


If my swap partner has arrived here in search of ideas, well, let me think…

I love HAM! and Ponyo and when she looks like a chicken and wide-eyed Jiji and wide-eyed Totoro and that Totoro shirt from Hot Topic looking all cute and embroidery-like and all the colors of the scenery in the films and traditional-ish stuffs done modern-like and stuff that’s subtle and beautiful and I’m really really excited 😀

I’ll work on a Pinterest board that might be more helpful for what I find visually attractive in the Ghibli world:


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