Try Something New Every Month: January’s adventure in trying entrelac knitting

Today I sat down and dove into the pattern/tutorial All Aboard the Entrelac Express (Ravelry link) to finally learn how to knit entrelac. Logical me knew that it must be simple, as I find most knit things are once you understand their construction. Illogical me looked at all entrelac stuff and went…huh?

To start, this tutorial is well written and I understood everything she was trying to say. Some required a little blind faith and just powering through as written, but in the end it did come together and look like entrelac.

I started off with the first set of instructions and ended up with these three lumpy triangles which wasn’t too encouraging.


A little further into the tutorial and things started to look like…something.


It was at this point that I put the project down to leave the house for the afternoon. I brought with a different knitting project (that started off with 6″ of 2×2 knit-purl ribbing…WAY easier to chat with friends and knit with). I came back in the evening and picked up this confusing spaghetti of triangles and rectangles and it started to make a little sense.


It was at this point though that I realized I really don’t like it. Like, at all. I understand the construction of entrelac now (lots of knitting or purling together and picking up stitches), and thanks to this tutorial I can say I know how, but I have absolutely no urge to continue with this fiddly little swatch.

For now I’ve set it aside, unsure if I want to frog it and salvage what yarn I can. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, entrelac involves cutting and weaving in ends for every “row” of blocks, which is just a huge bummer for me to even thinking about doing any length of this stuff. Still, a fun challenge to try, even if I’m not forcing myself into completion!

Here’s my Ravelry project page for this project.

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  1. I wouldn’t blame you for frogging it. I keep thinking I want to try it, but really, I think it wouldn’t be any fun. I have enough I want to do without adding stuff that tortures me. Can you at least weave in the ends as you go? I think TechKnitter has a good tutorial on that.

  2. Hey, I’ve just come over here from Hugs are Fun, and love this plan, to do something new every month. I’ve done some entrelac, and yes, it is incredibly fiddly. I think the final effect is worth it, but that’s just me. Bear in mind that you don’t need to use a different colour every row, but could keep using the same yarn backwards and forwards. I’m going to have fun looking through your old posts now, I think!

    • Ooo, one color-entrelac, that’s a great idea! Maybe I’ll frog what I’ve got and have at a scarf or something with some other yarn from my stash. I like that idea a lot.

  3. It’s so hard when you don’t love a project but I think it’s good to jump ship early on. I have a couple projects that I’ve gotten too far on to feel like I can just abandon at this point but I don’t enjoy working on them. I have this sense of obligation to them…

    And I like the idea of one color entrelac! I’d like to see that happen!

  4. Huh! I clicked through to your ravelry page and then the pattern page to get a sense of what it’s supposed to look like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in real life before! I have only ever knit scarves though. Yay for trying new things, boo that it didn’t turn out 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard of entrelac knitting–it looks really neat. I have a complete brain block when it comes to knitting and crocheting, so I think this may be too complicated for me!

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