Happy busy upcoming weekend

I woke up this morning and sleepily scrolled through emails and Facebook and Pinterest on my phone from bed. Lily eventually stirred in her bed next to ours and came over for a cuddle. We talked for a little while, as we do every morning, and eventually got out of bed to start our day. I made her breakfast and me some coffee (I can’t seem to do food first thing in the morning), and we sat at the table together with the light streaming in on all sides. For what I complain about with our little townhouse, I do love the western and southern exposures and all of the windows and light. She ate her breakfast as fast as she could and rushed off to play with her birthday present from her grandparents–a brand new dollhouse with lots of little rooms and stairs and an attic ladder and window shutters and a hinged front door. She is thrilled with this toy and has been playing with it non-stop. We have a nature class about tree tapping and maple syrup today, followed by open gym at the park district, and after that I rented the party room at the park district building for an hour so I can serve her friends cupcakes and they can sing Happy Birthday to her and she’ll love it. When I get home later I need to do another once-over on my humanities midterm essay and start my journalism assignment. Tomorrow we have my cousin’s baby shower followed by the arrival of my birth mom and her significant other from Minnesota and my half sister and her fiance from northern Wisconsin. We’ll have dinner at my parents’ house with them Saturday night. Sunday is Lily’s family birthday party with my side and Art’s side at Chuck E. Cheese for crappy pizza and games with crappy prizes and the kids are going to love it and have so much fun. And Chuck E. Cheese will do all the prep and cleanup for me and it’s worth every penny. Sunday afternoon I have to finish my journalism assignment and then collapse into a pile of happy exhaustion.

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