Organizing our homeschool stuff

So, I hesitate to even call what we do at age 4 “homeschool,” but it sort of is, and we have a lot of stuff that requires organizing lest it take over the house.


Starting in the big family bookcase there are a few spaces dedicated to things I’d consider homeschool-y (like books about homeschooling, haha!). So tucked in amongst the fabric and family photo albums and wedding knick knacks are shelves with chapter books we’ve either read or plan to read to Lily, early readers that she can read to herself, and other picture books that are just plain too tall for her bookcase in her room.


That brings me to the bookcase in her room. What started off with all board books has grown to lots of picture books now (and lots of hand-me-down Disney stuff which has taught her all about the characters and even though she’s never watched a Disney princess movie she’s all “I LOVE PRINCESSES” every time she sees their brands plastered on anything remotely related to children and do I ever despise marketing to children).


Back out to the main living area and we have my pretty “antique” yellow cabinet, a great Craigslist find. Behind the closed door I toss whatever toys she has dragged out from her room that I’m too lazy to bring back to her room. The drawer holds her “important papers” (like the letter I wrote to her on Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, the valentine that Art made for her, and birthday cards). The top is reserved for library books we’ve checked out and her Leapfrog Tag Pen Reader books.


In the dining room is her desk, which is where she does almost all of her independent projects. This picture is with it recently cleaned (by me, of course), so don’t think that a 4 year old doesn’t normally have bits of paper and fabric and feathers and who knows what “organized” everywhere.


And then there’s my most favorite Craigslist buy in the history of any of my Craigslist buys. It holds, uh, EVERYTHING. From art supplies to workbooks to all the computer and construction paper to Play-Doh to coloring books to EVERYTHING. Seriously.




And that’s it…for now. I’m thinking a small bookcase in the dining room might do well for when we start doing more curriculum-y things (technical term), but maybe the massive white china cabinet will continue to serve for that. We’ll see!

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