First camping trip of the season

We went camping! It was our first time in the new camper and it was absolutely perfect. I am so happy to have a trailer that will suite us for a looong time. We have absolutely no reason to trade up for something new (unless we get way rich or something, but I don’t see that happening any time soon).


Our camp site was wonderful. It was right on the lake. To the left of the picture below you can see the little path that led to Ottawa Lake, and we were on the east side of it so we watched beautiful sunsets.




The weather was a little cold at night, but we got the most perfect day yesterday. Sunny and warm enough to not wear coats, and even dip our toes in the lake for a few minutes. We chose to come home a day early because there were predicted thunderstorms for Monday, and about 10 minutes into the 2 hour ride home it started raining. We couldn’t have planned that any better!

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