Sad, sad, sad

Today was a sad, sad day. One of our rats, Franklin, suddenly became ill a few days ago and his condition declined so much so fast that our family made the decision to euthanize him. We involved Lily in deciding so, and she chose whether he would be cremated or buried as well. She opted for a burial, so in the sleeting freezing ice rain Art and I dug a little hole at my parents’ house.

I can handle the normal daily emotions of an almost-four-year-old from average goings on. The moaning, the whining, the crying. Her emotions are still primitive at this age, naturally, and she swings to both ends of the spectrum easily. But this deep emotional hurt she’s experiencing with the loss of a pet–it’s just so sad.

Tonight as we were laying together as she was falling asleep I could feel her start to wipe her face. I asked if she was alright and she quietly cried, “it’s just so sad!” Oh, Lily, it is so sad. It’s sad to lose this furry little friend, and it’s sad to watch you so heartbroken. I wish I could protect her from feeling like this, but I know I can only be with her while she does–hopefully helping her understand and cope as best as her almost-four-year-old self can.

Goodbye, sweet Franklin.









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