Very early reading skills

Bob Books Fun! Level A, Set 2 (re-released as Bob Books Set 2- Advancing Beginners)Bob Books Fun! Level A, Set 2 by Bobby Lynn Maslen

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Lily’s just beginning to recognize a few 3-letter words and these Bob books are perfect for encouraging her.

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Lily has started nagging that she wants to learn how to read. I wrote down a few words (“cat,” “rat,” “dog,” “zoo,” and “egg”) that she promptly memorized. She can sometimes recognize a few others (“the,” “fox,” “sat,” “car,” “hat,” and “sun”). All of that put together means she can actually somewhat sort of read a bit of the Bob Books, which is totally awesome. She mostly looks at the pictures and makes up the story as she goes, just as she does with every other picture book, but I’m going to keep encouraging her to move her finger along the words while we read together so she can jump in when she knows a word. These will be excellent books in a year or two, and still fun to check out from the library every now and again in the mean time.


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  1. Costco sells them for cheap, too. Along with other “I Can Read” books. We keep them laying around the house and M goes through phases.


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