I don’t know how this little seed of an idea got planted in my head, but my most recent obsession is planning the future of our camping; and by that I mean I’ve been daydreaming nonstop about small travel trailers.

Sure, we don’t need a hard-sided camping trailer. We have the little lightweight pop-up that can be towed by my sedan. But we’re going to eventually be buying new vehicles, and perhaps one of those will be bigger with a subsequently higher towing capacity…hmmm?

So in my internet travels I’ve found the perfect floor plan for a travel trailer for our little family. Very confusingly there is apparently one giant RV manufacturer (Forest River) that brands loads of different lines of trailers and vehicles, but only offers a handful of floor plans in reality.

Here’s the one we like…


Wildwood X-Lite 195BH


Cruise Lite 195BH


Coachmen Clipper 17BH


Palomino Canyon Cat 17QBC

Why do they have to have so many of essentially the exact same trailer?! Well, aside from that maddening fact, I love that this little guy has a queen and twin beds always ready to sleep in, plus a dinette to sit at that can sleep an extra person or two in a pinch. And for being on the smaller side of the spectrum of travel trailers, it packs everything we’d like (hello, private toilet).

While we’re not running out to go buy one, I’m not going to be too surprised if within the next two years we all of a sudden come home with a big new vehicle, travel trailer, and a dog. ‘Cause I’m still itching to have a dog in our family too.

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