Father-daughter activities

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Scout-type activities for Lily. I’m not entirely anti-Scout as I feel like they do a good service for kids and community, but at the same time I’m quite irked by their anti-gay policies, so I’ve been passively looking at alternatives–not too seriously since I assumed Lily would be too young for everything.

I’ve looked at Campfire USA and liked it a lot, but I would have to start my own local group and therefore plan and lead and do everything. There are a handful of other Scout-type groups I passed by too because of their strong religious affiliations too.

Then I found the YMCA’s Adventure Guides/Princesses programs…And they look perfect! They’re primarily structured for fathers and their children, though there are a few tribes that offer groups for either parent. And one of our local tribes has a pre-k group!

I’m undecided if/when we’ll want to start attending; I would love if Art wanted to go with her from the start, but he got a little defensive and negative-sounding about that idea (something about feeling like a dork), so I tried to drop it, and succeeded to at least stop talking about it, but the benefits of a father-daughter activity kept rattling around in my head.

Enter Home Depot! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the brief discussion regarding the Y’s program happened last night and today happened to be the first Saturday of the month: free kid project day at Home Depot. Art took her and they built a bird house together. He reported that she sorted the pieces, he nailed it together (she refused), and she put the perch on. When they got home her and I painted it at her insistence, and she’s excited about going back next month for another project.


I chuckled when they got home and I saw she also received a free orange apron and a pin to mark the project they built. A pin with a little picture of the project…just like in Scout-type groups. Ha! If they choose to keep going back she can keep collecting the pins and adding them to her apron.

While I still think the Y’s program looks great and we’ll make a decision about that sometime (sooner or later), this monthly father-daughter project has proven awesome.

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