Winter Celebrations E-Book

Winter HolidaysI was hoping to get this printed for Lily finally this year (I wrote it last year), but time got away from me again. So instead I created a PDF and I can read it to her on the computer and also share it with anyone who wants it digitally.

I wrote this up because I couldn’t find a single kid book about a variety of winter holidays. I make no claims that this is well written or the end-all to winter holiday books, but it suites our needs just fine 🙂 It covers…

  • Winter Solstice, marking the shortest daylight of the year, old traditions that we still use
  • Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, the traditions and food
  • Kwaanza, the seven principles, and the ceremony
  • Christian Christmas, the birth of Jesus
  • Cultural/secular Christmas, traditions with family and friends

Here is the file: WinterCelebrations.PDF – Hopefully that works for sharing!

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