Big Exciting Decission

So, this being-a-parent thing has obviously changed me (us) forever. There are hard, annoying, frustrating parts of it all, sure. But as a whole it has been–and likely will always be–the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced. I really don’t have the words to describe how fantastically awesome parenthood has been so far, even with the bad parts mixed in. That said, Art and I are pretty darn sure we want only one kid, our fantastically awesome Lily.

And now with that said…

I want to share the fantastic awesomeness that is parenthood with someone who can’t do it themselves, someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

And that leads me to gestational surrogacy.


For two men. Two men that want to be daddies. And this here uterus can make it happen.

With the help of an egg donor and IVF my fantastically awesome baby factory can grow a fantastically awesome kid for a fantastically awesome couple. And we plan to do just that.

We’re still in the matching process through a local agency, but with any luck in a few weeks there will be Big Exciting Preparations being made and in a few months some Big Exciting News to share.

This blog has been my go-to for projects and the like to this point, and I plan to keep it that way. But for those moments when I feel like getting personal publicly (even if my subscriber list is tiny), I thought that spreading this all out on the table was a decent idea.

So, yay for baby making!

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