Summer in March?

Well, I’ll take it, even if it is supremely confusing (and disheartening knowing we’re going to go back to normal Illinois March soon).

Lily and I have been outside every. single. day. since this heat wave has rolled in. Weather in the 80s = absolute perfection when you’re three.

Some visual documentation of these past days…

Morton Arboretum – Lisle, IL



A small little manmade waterfall that you’re actually encouraged to enjoy

Messed up loading my Land Camera and couldn’t figure out where the $%&! the little tab was supposed to come out and this was the result. I’ve since resolved the issue after extensive Googling and then, uh, reading my manual. Duh.


Off to meander the neighborhood on what may be our last summer day in March. Rumor has it we’re supposed to only hit *gasp* 60 degrees tomorrow.

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