A tiny outdoor play space

Another step in the “making this house a home” agenda: a tiny outdoor play space for Lily…

We have had some unseasonably warm weather these past few days (80 degrees in March?!) and the tiny human has apparently gotten over her sensory quirks (hopefully not just temporarily). All winter she was a freak about being wet or dirty and these past few days she’s been literally jumping in mud. So I set out to make a townhouse-friendly play area since this is the only space we’re entitled to modify outside; and even then it’s not technically ours, we don’t own any land, the HOA just approves our end units to this garden-able area.

Prior to this it was just the perennials and some dry hard dirt. From left to right the perennial plants we bought with the house are as follows: hosta; bush that turns red in fall; butt ton of Queen Anne’s lace; in front of that are daffodils, an iris, and peonies; then another unknown bush, more peonies, and some columbines. I love our perennial garden, but it wasn’t very calling to the child.

So I climbed Mt. Junk in my parents’ backyard yesterday and gathered some old logs and tree cuttings and large rocks, and then bought $10 worth of small rocks and a bag of sand at Home Depot. I spent the evening doing this, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, and I’m calling it a success! I’d had grander plans of tearing out some of the Queen Anne’s lace, but those suckers are rooted a little too well and I promptly abandoned the mission.

Here are some close ups of the tiny “features”…




I mean, yeah, it is just some hunks of old tree, rocks, and dirt, but isn’t that the best stuff for a kid to play with anyway? šŸ™‚ Oh, and a squirt gun too, I suppose…




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