My not-big girl

My kid is three. THREE. I can’t believe it! She has a bit of a Peter Pan complex going though so she doesn’t want to hear about getting bigger or older, so she’s not-big (but oh dear me she is absolutely big and old and where did my mumbling toddler go?!).

IMG_6473 IMG_6476

I had an all day conference to attend today where Art and Lily spent from wake-up to about 6:00 PM together. It was the first time in her three years where I’ve been away for hours and hours and been completely confident that she could handle it emotionally, and she absolutely loved spending all day with her daddy. They walked to the park, visited Grandma at her work for some lunch, grocery shopped, cleaned.

There was talk about a family friendly out of state conference we might attend in little less than a year, and it’s crazy to think about then having an almost four year old then. I know that’s jumping the gun, but I met most of my current mom friends when their oldest kids were around this age and I remember thinking they were real kids. Like, real little people with thoughts and opinions and the means to express them. And now I have one of my own and she’s amazing and awesome. Sure, some days are crazy frustrating, but for the most part I’m in awe of her and what she’s growing into.

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