Operation: Stop Being Lazy, Step 1

I’ve been feeling like a lazy turd lately and in an effort to not feel like a lazy turd I’ve been pinning random fitness related webpages on Pinterest. Yeah, that doesn’t make me healthier. I know. But tonight Art and I did something, which is better than nothing, and I hope we keep it up. Art’s routine differed a bit for his strengths (and weakness, he tweaked his back the other day), but we essentially did the following:

-25 jumping jacks x 3
-10 push ups x 2
-20 sit ups x 2
-10 alternating lunges x 2
-10 bicycle sit ups x 2
-10 second plank on each side
-15 squats x 2
-25 jumping jacks

This was a modified little version of something I happened across on Pinterest, and if we keep doing something I think I’ll keep adding to these essential basics.

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