I was browsing for some solstice books at the library today (since I could only find SANTA JESUS CHRISTMAS OMG books) and I accidentally happened across a great older book with a plain red cover and white text on top: ‘Children’s Counting-Out Rhymes, Fingerplays, Jump-Rope and Bounce-Ball Chants and Other Rhythms’.

Whew, that’s  a mouthful! But so far I’ve found some gems that I’d love to introduce to Lily once I commit them to memory. I think they’ll be nice to add to our boring old ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Itsty Bitsy Spider’ since those are all I know. Now to actually commit them to memory; I might have to make cheat sheets…

Shake them

Shake them shake them
Give a little clap,
Shake them, shake them
Put them in your lap,
Shake them, shake them,
Tie a little shoes,
Shake them, shake them
And play peek-a-boo!

Birdies Flying

Birdies flying to and fro,
Flying high and flying low,
Perching in a leafy tree,
Or on earth when worms they see,
Birdies flying east and west
Then returning to their nest.

(Fly hands high, fly hands low, both arms up like a big tree, wiggle finger like a worm, fly hands side to side, cup hands like a bird’s nest)

Garden Bed

Come see my small garden, how sweetly they grow,
My five pretty blossoms, all here in a row.
The rose an the pansy, the lily so tall,
The phlox and forget-me-not, smallest of all.
My blossoms are thirsty, so now I will bring
Cool water and sprinkle each dear little thing.
The dew helps me bathe them, the sun bids them grow,
And their beauty rewards all the care I bestow.

(Hold up five fingers on one hand and point to each finger for each flower, ending with the pinky on forget-me-not; pretend to sprinkle hands with water, form a circle with both hands for the sun, return hands to lap)

A Little Plant

In the heart of a seed,
Buried down so deep,
A little plant
Lay fast asleep.
“Awake,” said the sun,
“Come up through the earth,”
“Awake,” said the rain,
“We are giving you birth.”
The little plant heard
With a happy sigh,
And pointed its petals
Up to the sky.

(Make a fist for the seeds, a circle for the sun, flutter fingers down for the rain, open hand for petals, raise hand and wrist up as plant grows)

I Can Make My Fingers Go

I have ten little fingers
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things;
Would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight,
Or open them wide
I can put them together,
Or make them all hide.
I can make them jump high
I can make them jump low.
I can fold them up quietly
And hold them just so.

I’ll be adding more as I thumb through the book. I think starting our new repertoire with just five is probably a lofty enough goal.

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