Holy %$#@! indeed

That was my and Art’s reaction to this genius idea. Our big ol’ TV has been hiding under a sheet behind our laundry basket in our bedroom closet for a few months now, and I really love it there. Then I put our coffee table down in the garage and I really love it there too.

But this? THIS?!


Thank you, Pinterest, for yet another fantastic inspiration. I’m not sure that our coffee table will serve us in this exact purpose, but we’ll take a look at it soon. And in total copy-cat fashion I had already been dreaming of painting our old one a barn red with a black chalkboard top. Either that or distressed white with the chalkboard top. And I want to store board games underneath, but Lily is totally not ready to have access to board games all day long. And we’re not ready to buy a tiny little flat TV, so that all works out.

But someday, Pinterest, this is on my “definitely someday” list!

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  1. Is it okay for a tv to be stored sideways and upside down like that (when in the closed position)? I don’t know why, but it makes me nervous. It is really great-looking though! I’d love to be able to hide my TV.

  2. I think so? Haha! I would imagine so long as it’s secured well to the table top that it would be fine. I hid our TV so well we can’t even watch it 🙂 It would be nice to watch a screen other than our laptops or iPad every now and again though.


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