Adventures in felting soap

I’m not much of one for felting wool. I’ve needle felted a few little items, attempted felting a knit coffee cup cozy, and purposefully felted a few old thrift store sweaters to make diaper covers and the like. But I’m never quite sure I’m doing things right. This time was no different.

I followed this tutorial from Rhythm of the Home and used some cheap white roving with little touches from some colorful stuff I have for needle felting. I wrapped the (home-poured) bars of soap in the white for Lily and then she picked out the colors and plucked the fiber and placed them on top. Then I wrapped them in a sacrificed pair of nylons (not much of a sacrifice as I despise them and haven’t worn them since high school) and tied them in.

Then the mostly -fun part started with mashing and mushing with water. I knew Lily would freak out at the first splash, and I probably should have stripped her completely naked and thrown her in the tub, but I didn’t feel like a full out bath just before nap time, and then I would have had to explain to Art why she didn’t need a bath tonight.

Oh yeah, this is a surprise–his Christmas present from her.

Anyway, like I expected, she freaked out at the first little splash on her pants and proceeded to freak out over every splash following, but she mushed and mashed for a good 10 minutes with me mushing and mashing along with her. I had absolutely no idea when they would be done, and the wool still feels loose around the soap, but I called it quits, cut them free from the nylons, rinsed them off, and they’re now drying on a washcloth hidden in a closet.

I forgot that Art made these bars of soap scented with patchouli, so we smell like a real bunch of hippies in here now. Maybe I’ll needle felt his initial on here with her “help” once they’re dry, or maybe I’ll stop investing so much time in a blob of soap and wool.

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