Things I learned about making popcorn garland for our tree


Making popcorn garland seems pretty straight forward. I mean, people have been doing this since those five Little Women at least…How hard could it be?

Well, here’s what I learned in my first foray into popcorn garland making:

-Use stale air popped popcorn. The air popped part should be obvious as I wouldn’t want any sort of oil hanging on my tree in my house for a few weeks, but I thought I’d throw that out there. The stale popcorn discovery was accidental. I popped a big ol’ bowl, left the garland incomplete, and it was tons less crunchy/crumbly/break-when-you-stab-it-y after a few hours/days.

-Use a blunt tipped sewing needle instead of a sharp one. Pretty self explanatory there.

-Work in shorter bits, about 3 feet at a time. I used sewing thread double over and would tie the first kernel of popped corn onto the end so the rest wouldn’t slide off, and I would join the ends as I went. I realized upon completion that joining the ends after everything was finished probably would have been easier instead of having a giant trail of popcorn garland to work with every time I pulled it out.

-It’s going to take longer than you think. I spent a few hours making 15 – 20 feet of garland for our little 5-footer tree.

-And it’s going to look awesome. I’m in love.


Note the lack of ornaments. Last year it was a 4 week battle of “I want that bear! Give me that moose! I want to see the snowflake! Help me get that bird!” and I just plain don’t feel like dealing with it this year. There’s not much reasoning with a 2.5 year old (though Art figured out that “decorations are for looking at, if you touch them then they’re toys,” and she seemed to grasp the difference there and perhaps might mentally categorize them separately now). I anticipate a tree with ornaments next year.


That face should explain it.

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