A small and not entirely accurate "before" house tour




Things have changed since the bulk of these photos. Lily’s toys have been swapped out with our things in the second bedroom. I’ve bought some big pieces of furniture off of Craigslist and repurposed them for our needs (a hutch for my sewing items, china cabinet for craft stuff, plus a big ol’ executive desk for Art’s electronic tinkering).

On our to-do list: replace windows (happening SOON), paint all the walls, and pretty much redecorate entirely (curtains, throw rug, Lily’s whole bedroom, duvet, bedroom furniture…aaah!). I’m thinking this could all be done by the end of 2012. That might be a lofty goal, but it’s attainable if we actually work at it on a regular basis. We have a few major appliances (refrigerator and dishwasher) that are teetering on the edge of useability as well which could put a crimp in funds, but I think a year should give us enough time to at least get things presentable ’round here.

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