Who we are, what we do


That’s my family. I’m Kristy, my husband is Art, and our daughter is Lily. That, unfortunately, is not our farm. While I like to call it “our farm,” it really belongs to our phenomenal park district here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. It’s close enough to bike to and awesome enough to want to spend my life living there, if only that were a possibility. Oh, the irony of living half a mile from a working farmstead circa 1880 when we live in a modern townhouse with no land rights to even grow a single tomato plant. I have ways around that though, thankfully, and am entertaining tackling the board of directors with our home owner’s association to even better our gardening options.


Lily was born in March of 2009 and is a great kid. Art and I have been together since December 2000, married in May 2008, and he’s a great guy. They both keep me happy and sane along with my parents and friends.

I am eternally crafty and have been creating items for necessity and fun since gradeschool. These days my crafting changes in waves between knitting, sewing, needlepoint, woodworking, and baking, but I’m not afraid to try anything new if it strikes my fancy enough. Sometimes I create because we need it, sometimes I create because it’s just plain fun. Regardless, if I’m not in the middle of one project or another, I’m just plain bored.

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