I love Pinterest

Here are my boards: https://pinterest.com/kristygarceau/

I seriously love Pinterest. It’s only been a few weeks and I’ve already found great recipes that we’ve actually prepared, as well as adorable inspiration for crafts that I’ve even followed through and completed.

Meet my daughter’s newest friend, as named by her: Salomea Lucy Garceau


I followed the pattern and tutorial outlined by The Purl Bee, for the most part. I always fudge when I sew. Or knit. Or craft at all, pretty much. Things become my own that way, or in this case, they become my daughter’s own. I freaking love this doll. I love the way her legs are jointed and the felt holds poses just enough so that she can sit cross-legged and over look activities. I love that she’s so soft flexible and not uncomfortable to roll on top of in the least. I love that I can make her a plethora of skirts in cute tiny floral prints that little toddler hands can actually pull up and down with ease.

Lily was thrilled to wake up to Salomea being complete and waiting on the arm of the couch for her. She watched me assemble her over the course of a few days and she soon named her after her great great grandma; the middle name she pulled from a book about a hand sewn doll. I likely don’t give my 2.5 year old enough credit. She listens and comprehends more than I realize, I’m sure. I didn’t know she paid that much attention when we were discussing the names in our family tree, nor did I think she listened so intently to ‘The Store Bought Doll.’

But she listens and learns all. the. time. And now Salomea Lucy is waiting with her in bed while I tap tap tap out here instead of joining her and my husband. I ought to not make cramming-in-a-half-assed-post-before-bed-time a regular occurrence.

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