I laid down on my back in the middle of the living room floor last night. Lily laid down next to me, her entire body pressed up against mine. She was holding a green wood ball that’s meant to be whacked through a hole and clank down a wooden track. But it wasn’t a ball tonight, it was an apple, which she enthusiastically announced by both saying and signing the word. “Nom, nom, nom!” She pretended to eat it complete with taking “bites” and chewing motions. “Momma, apple!” she exclaimed as she shoved it to my lips. I obliged, and “ate” a bite along with her.

There we were, laying on the floor in the middle of our living room, sharing an “apple,” and time just stood still. I had made a conscious effort last night to pay more attention to her, or at least tag Art in to do so. We so easily get swept up in the nightly routine of dinner and preparing for the next day, relaxing on the couch with our laptops or me knitting, and it’s so easy for Lily to get restless and bored, which in turn creates a sense of clingy neediness. But really, if we’d just make small efforts all along she will happily play until it’s time for bed.

So, here’s to leaving my laptop closed and my knitting needles down. I would much rather share an “apple” with my daughter.

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