Recycled t-shirt baby gowns

I know a million babies being born this year (okay, 8, and 3 of them are already here), but that means it’s a’knittin’ time, and knitting is what I’ve been doing. I was starting to get tired of my normal top-down raglans and decided to have a go at something different. I decided to try Snug (on Ravelry) and I learned three things. I don’t like garter stitch. I don’t like working from side to side. And I should stick with what I like. Gah, this tiny little sweater had me seeing red for way too long, and just when I was nearing the finish line I ran out of yarn. So it’s in a (maybe permanent) hibernation. And then I got sick of even looking at baby sweaters on my needles, so I decided to sew some gifts instead

I used this tutorial from This Mama Makes Stuff and was very pleased! My local thrift shop didn’t have a large selection of t-shirts to choose from at my 10-minutes-before-closing shopping run, but I’m happy with what I found. Now I just have to wait on all these wee babies to be born to fill them up!

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  1. those look amazing!! i have been meaning to make some of those too, from old shirts of mine and hubby's that are all old and soft and have a few holes. i love the shirts you chose… our local thrift shop doesn't have anything nearly as cool.


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